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What Is CELTA?


The Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is an international TEFL training and certification program. Over 10,000 people a year successfully complete CELTA courses in 240 approved centers in 49 countries around the world. All successful participants receive certification from Cambridge University.

Originally known as the "RSA Certificate," the program became the "RSA/Cambridge CTEFLA" in 1985. The name changed to "RSA/Cambridge CELTA" in 1996 and to "Cambridge CELTA" in 2001.


Who Recognizes The CELTA?

"The most widely recognized and respected TEFL certification worldwide." ELT Guide


Why Is The CELTA So Highly Regarded?


Is The CELTA Available Online?

Since evaluated practice teaching is at the heart of CELTA training, it is not possible to obtain the CELTA by taking an on-line course. However, Cambridge is currently piloting a blended (on-line and face-to-face) version of the course. When this version becomes available, in 2011, participants will be able to complete the "input" half of a CELTA course on-line but they will still need to travel to an approved center to complete the 60 hours of practice teaching and feedback.

The new blended approach will apply only to courses which are offered on a part-time basis over several months. Intensive CELTAs will continue to require full-time participation in a face-to-face course.


What Are The Key Features Of All CELTA Programs?


What Are The Minimum Qualifications For Trainers?


Do CELTA Centers And Courses Vary?

As was explained above, all CELTA courses have to meet certain minimum conditions set and monitored by Cambridge. However, they are free to design their own programs and they can exceed these minimum conditions if they want. As a result, there is quite a big difference between centers, just as there is a big difference between the BA/BS programs offered by different universities. (This is one reason why CELTA courses, like degree courses, vary so much in price.)

Some CELTA centers provide extensive pre-course work so that participants can prepare themselves well for their course, while others provide/require little in the way of pre-course assignments. Some centers provide participants with specially designed course manuals and post-course development materials while others do not. Also, some centers provide detailed job placement help while most provide little or no guidance in this area.

Another important point to bear in mind is that some centers have established CELTA programs and offer courses on a regular basis, while some other schools offer courses only occasionally, normally employing trainers who are imported on a temporary basis. The standard of courses is almost certain to be higher at established centers which offer the CELTA on a regular basis: the program will be better organized, the trainers will form a more cohesive team and the center will be better able to provide in-course and post-course job placement help.


How Can I Get Maximum Benefit From A CELTA Course?

For advice on how to get the maximum benefit - and enjoyment - from a CELTA program, go to: How To Get The Most From Your CELTA Course.


More About the CELTA:

You can find out more about the CELTA by going to: Common Myths About the CELTA.

You can find out more about the CELTA by visiting the Cambridge website. This has details of the program syllabus and assessment guidelines, as well as a complete list of CELTA centers:


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