English International aims to expand the support and knowledge of English learning and education to help improve the instructive methods of teaching. We strive to give our site with the most meaningful and helpful content that is instructive, useful, and straightforward.

Here at English International, our online magazine includes English educational expertise, advice, activities, challenges, experiences, and success we share with both readers and writers with backgrounds in language education.

Our editors work around the clock to create articles of only the highest quality that varies in multiple contexts of language education.

English International is on the lookout for content that surrounds the base of our theme in English lessons and education. We are looking for experienced writers in all areas of education.

Here’s what English International is looking for:

Language Features – 750 words 

These articles focus on resources, how-to tutorials, and lesson contributions in learning the English language. 

Teaching Stories – 500 words  

These are personal stories and reflections based from the English classroom. These articles should discuss strategies for inspiration, motivation, and development. Essays must be original and not published on any site. 

Short Content – 350 words 

These articles are directed to student readers and must cover topics of language interest. Short content can be written for any age level within grades starting from Pre-kindergarten to eighth grade. Please be sure that all articles are age-appropriate for the designated audience.

Please make sure that all submitted content include a suggested headline for submission.

English International regularly updates the provided resources and curriculum. Please send us your pitches for approval before submission.