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Our TEFL Distance Courses

Our TEFL Certificate courses provide affordable, quality training that you can complete entirely via distance learning. The courses will teach you modern communicative approaches to TEFL and how to apply them in the classroom. They will also help you to improve your formal knowledge of English, including English grammar, and will provide you with job search advice.

As you will see below, our program is made up of three courses. To allow you maximum flexibility, you enroll in and pay for each course separately and you can take as much time as you want between courses. After completing each course, you immediately receive the appropriate certificate.

Please note that our course materials are now provided only in the form of CD-ROMs.

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Who Is Eligible For The Program?

There are no formal entry requirements but the program will be most useful to those who are native speakers of English, who are over 20 years old and who have completed at least part of a university or college degree program. Applications from people who do not meet these criteria will be considered on a case by case basis.


Who Is The Program For?

The program is for anyone who wants to learn effective modern TEFL approaches and techniques. It is suitable for:


When Can I Start The Program?

All three courses operate throughout the year. You can enroll at any time, provided there are places in the course you want.

Please note that you have to complete Course 1 before you can enroll in one of the other courses.


Key Features Of The Program

As our program is conducted entirely via distance learning, you can complete it at your own pace and without leaving home. You can even choose whether to submit your completed assignments by mail or email.
Affordable Cost
If you compare our program with others, you will find that it is one of the most affordable quality TEFL programs on the market. The program fees are detailed below.
Money Back Guarantee
Once you enroll in any of the three courses and receive your first set of course materials, you have 30 days to decide whether or not you want to continue. If you decide to cancel the course, you will receive a full tuition refund.
Top Quality Materials
Our materials are designed by Jeff Mohamed, one of the most experienced TEFL Cert. trainers in the world and an internationally recognized TEFL expert and author.
Use of Video & Audio
Unlike most other TEFL distance programs, we do not rely solely on printed materials; our course also makes use of video-recorded lessons (demonstrating TEFL techniques with real classes) and audio-recorded lectures, both provided on CD-ROMs.
Personalized Tutoring
All of your completed assignments will be evaluated by Jeff Mohamed, who will provide you with individualized help and advice throughout the course.
Effective Job Search Assistance
Once you have completed Course 2 or 3, Jeff personally will help you in your job search.
On completing the course, you receive a Certificate in TEFL issued by English International, a highly respected name in TEFL worldwide. This will assist you in obtaining suitable employment overseas.
Please Note: Your chances of obtaining a job in some countries will be limited if you are not a native speaker of English and/or do not have a degree.


Course 1: Introductory Certificate in TEFL

This 50-hour course will teach you about modern communicative approaches to TEFL and how to apply them in the classroom. It will help you to improve your formal knowledge of English grammar and will provide you with valuable job search information and advice.

The course can be taken as a stand alone course or used as the first unit of our full TEFL Certificate program. All successful participants receive the English International Introductory Certificate in TEFL.

This Introductory Certificate in TEFL course will be particularly useful to:

Course Fee: US $195.00
(Shipping fee within the USA: $5.00)
(Shipping fee for Canada: US $15.00)
(Shipping fee for all other countries: US $20.00)


Course 2: Certificate in TEFL

This 50-hour course is open to anyone who has successfully completed our Introductory Certificate in TEFL course.

The course starts by exploring in more depth the teaching approaches and techniques examined in our Introductory Certificate course. It then examines and explains a range of modern methodologies not covered in the earlier course: These include TPR (Total Physical Response), CLL (Community Language Learning) and TBL (Task-Based Learning). The course also explores a number of specialized areas of methodology, such as CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) and teaching via games and authentic songs. It will extend your knowledge of English grammar as well as improve your knowledge of English pronunciation.

All successful participants receive the English International Certificate in TEFL. This certificate will greatly improve your job prospects and will enable you to obtain positions with many overseas employers who require their teachers to hold a TEFL Certificate. (Many of these employers greatly prefer to recruit applicants who hold a 100-hour Certificate in TEFL.) Once you have completed your course, Jeff Mohamed will assist you in conducting your job search and in obtaining a suitable TEFL job.

Course Fee: US $195.00
(Shipping fee within the USA: $5.00)
(Shipping fee for Canada: $10.00)

(Shipping fee for all other countries: US $15.00)


Course 3: Certificate in TEFL (with Practice Teaching)

This course requires approximately 25 hours of study, lesson planning, teaching and reflection. It is open to anyone who has successfully completed our introductory course and who has completed all or part of our Certificate in TEFL course. It is intended for people who want to obtain really practical training in planning and teaching EFL lessons and to receive full TEFL certification. (Some of the best employers do not recognize TEFL certificate courses that do not include practice teaching.)

Participants are required to plan and videotape six lessons given to classes of EFL students and to submit the plans and tapes for critiquing and evaluation. People who are currently teaching EFL can use their existing classes for practice teaching purposes. Other people have to arrange to teach (perhaps on a volunteer basis) six hours of EFL classes over a period of several weeks. The content of some of the lessons is specified by English International.

Participants are given assistance with lesson planning and receive detailed feedback on each lesson before they begin planning their next lesson.

When you complete your course, you will receive the English International Certificate in TEFL with Practice Teaching. (The course includes six hours of evaluated practice, which is the same amount as required by other full TEFL certificate courses, such as the Cambridge CELTA and the Trinity College TESOL.) You will also receive a personal letter of reference from Jeff Mohamed. The certificate and the reference will enable you to compete successfully for jobs with employers who require full TEFL certification.

After your course, you will receive personalized job counseling and guidance from Jeff Mohamed for as long as you need it.

Course Fee: US $225.00
(There is no shipping fee.)


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