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Certificate in TEFL Courses


We offer three very affordable Certificate in TEFL courses that you can complete entirely via distance learning. The courses are available to people resident in the USA, Canada and a number of other countries. Because all tutoring and job counseling is carried out personally by Jeff Mohamed, the number of participants is strictly limited.


Course 1: Introductory Certificate in TEFL
This 50-hour course provides a practical and detailed introduction to communicative TEFL techniques and classroom management skills. It will also help you to improve your understanding and knowledge of English grammar. The main focus is on the teaching of adults and teenagers.

Course 2: Certificate in TEFL
This 50-hour course builds on Course 1 by exploring in more depth modern TEFL approaches and techniques. It also explores and explains a number of other approaches and specialized teaching areas. It will further expand your knowledge of grammar and will help you to gain a detailed understanding of English pronunciation. The course deals with on the teaching of adults, teenagers and younger children.

Course 3: Certificate in TEFL with Practice Teaching
This 25-hour course focuses on the planning and execution of effective EFL lessons. To complete the course, you have to plan, teach and videotape six hours of lessons that you give to classes of foreign students. The practice teaching may be carried out with classes of adults, teenagers or younger learners (or a combination of these).


Who Are The Courses For?

Course 1

is suitable as a stand-alone course for for anyone who wants to learn basic approaches to TEFL.

 Course 1

is also a pre-requisite for anyone who wants to take our Certificate in TEFL or Certificate in TEFL with Practice Teaching courses.

 Course 1

will also be useful to those who intend to take a 100-hour onsite TEFL training course (e.g., Cambridge CELTA).

Courses 2 & 3

are suitable for people who want detailed practical training and full certification in TEFL but who prefer to study via distance learning.


What Will I Learn?

In Course 1, you learn about modern communicative approaches to TEFL and how to apply them in the classroom. You learn how to plan a range of different lesson types and how to teach them using proven TEFL and classroom management techniques. You also improve your formal knowledge of English grammar and learn a range of useful terms used in language analysis and language teaching. In addition, you receive detailed information and advice on how to find suitable TEFL jobs overseas.

In Course 2, you learn about other modern approaches to TEFL and about a range of specialized lesson types and techniques. You receive more detailed advice on how to teach children and Business English. You increase your knowledge of grammar and will learn about pronunciation (sounds, stress and intonation).

In Course 3, you learn how to plan and teach effectively a range of different lesson types. You receive personalized and very detailed suggestions on how to make your teaching more effective and how to develop your own personal teaching style.

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How Will I learn?

Courses 1 & 2
When you enroll in these courses, you receive course materials that include reading texts and video-taped lessons, together with written assignments that you complete at home. Some exercises have answer keys and are self-marking. Other assignments are formally marked: You mail, fax or email the completed assignments to us and we award them a grade. (If the assignments are satisfactory, you start working on the next section of the course. If an assignment is not satisfactory, we explain what is wrong and give advice on how to improve it. You can then resubmit the assignment.)

Note: Course 1 includes a video CD-ROM showing the teaching of vocabulary and grammar to classes of foreign students. Course 2 includes audio-recorded lectures (on CD-ROM) on specific aspects of TEFL methodology and language analysis.

Course 3
In this course, you learn by planning and actually teaching a series of EFL lessons to foreign students and by receiving detailed suggestions on how to improve your teaching.


Who Will Teach Me?

All of the materials have been produced by Jeff Mohamed, who is a highly experienced TEFL trainer and a well known author of TEFL materials. He will be your personal tutor throughout each course and you can email him for help at any time. He will read and mark all your written assignments and will help you with any assignments that do not reach the required standard. If you want to find an overseas job after the course, Jeff will personally help you to conduct a TEFL job search.

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How Long Do The Courses Take?

We estimate that most people will need to study for about 50 hours to successfully complete each of the first two courses. We estimate that completion of Course 3 will take most participants about 25 hours.

The minimum time in which each course can be completed is four weeks from the date of enrollment. The maximum time is one year.


How Much Do The Courses Cost?

The fee for Course 1 is US$195.00. (Shipping charges: $5.00 for the USA, $15.00 for Canada and $20.00 for other countries.)

The fee for Course 2 is $195.00. (Shipping charges: $5.00 for the USA, $10.00 for Canada and $15.00 for other countries.)

The fee for Course 3 is US $225.00. (There are no shipping charges.)

The course fees include all course materials, certification, personalized tutoring and post-course assistance with job searching. We believe that our courses make up the most affordable quality TEFL program currently available.


What Certificate Will I Receive?

When you successfully complete Course 1, you receive the English International "Introductory Certificate in TEFL." The certificate carries details of the course length (50 hours) and content.

When you successfully complete Course 2, you receive the English International "Certificate in TEFL." The certificate carries details of the course length (100 hours) and content.

When you successfully complete Course 3, you receive the English International "Certificate in TEFL (with Practice Teaching)" together with a letter of reference from Jeff Mohamed. The certificate carries details of the course length (125 hours) and content.

The certificates are issued by English International, which has gained an excellent reputation and is well known in TEFL circles around the world. In 1991-1998, English International was one of the largest providers of Cambridge CELTA courses in the world. Since then, it has specialized in publishing quality TEFL materials, providing information on TEFL training and jobs, and offering distance TEFL courses.


Why Is The Certificate For Course 1 Called An "Introductory" Certificate?

The industry standard for full TEFL certificates requires that courses include at least 100 hours of supervised study and six hours of supervised practice teaching. Although some providers of shorter courses issue participants with a "TEFL certificate," this is very misleading. The reality is that any course which lasts fewer than 100 hours and does not include supervised practice teaching does not provide full TEFL certification. This is why the certificate we issue for Course 1 is called an "Introductory Certificate in TEFL."


How Will Your Certificates Help Me?

The best employers will not hire anyone who does not have either an MA TESOL or else a "full" TEFL certificate, such as the Cambridge CELTA. Our "Certificate in TEFL (with Practice Teaching)" will enable you to compete for jobs with these employers.

Our "Introductory Certificate in TEFL" will not enable you to get a job with these employers - nor will any other certificate from a distance or onsite course that does not last 100 hours and include six hours of evaluated practice teaching. However, most employers will hire people who have no formal training in TEFL. By showing that you have a real interest in TEFL and by enabling you to perform better in recruitment interviews, our Introductory Certificate will enable you to compete successfully for jobs against teachers who have no formal training.


What Participants Say About Our Program

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