Latin America


Latin America

There are TEFL jobs through Latin America, even for teachers without training and certification. However, as is the case elsewhere, trained teachers will have access to and better jobs.

Mexico is a large market. Most jobs are in language schools (in just about every town in the country) but some teachers with TEFL certificates also obtain positions with independent universities. Many jobs can be arranged in advance and some employers provide housing. However, teachers normally pay their own airfare. Significant savings are not possible.

There are lots of jobs in Central America but most offer very poor working conditions and do not pay airfare. Costa Rica is the largest market; it is also one of the better countries in terms of working and living conditions for EFL teachers.

TEFL Job Tip: Latin America
A lot of TEFL jobs in Latin America offer poor working conditions. Unless you are very tough and adventurous, only go to a school which is part of a reputable organization or which you know other teachers have found to be acceptable.

All other Latin American countries (except Uruguay/Paraguay) have significant TEFL job markets, although conditions vary enormously from country to country and school to school. Most jobs can be arranged in advance, but teachers usually pay their own airfare. Salaries allow a comfortable lifestyle but rarely allow significant savings. Because of recent economic problems in Brazil and Argentina, most teachers currently go to Chile, Colombia and Peru.

Remember that schools in South America will usually be closed (for their summer) in December and January.


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