Africa, the Mid East & Turkey


The Aftermath of the Coalition Invasion of Iraq in 2003

Following the US/British invasion of Iraq in March 2003, foreign teachers in North Africa and the Mid East face increased risks of violence from Islamic fundamentalists and Arab nationalists.


North Africa

Most TEFL jobs are in Egypt and Morocco, although you sometimes also see jobs in available in Tunisia. In both Egypt and Morocco, the only jobs worth considering are with universities or with American and British language schools. In Egypt, there are good schools in Cairo and Alexandria, while in Morocco there are schools in most major cities. Some jobs can be arranged in advance, but teachers usually have to pay their own airfare. Most jobs allow a comfortable lifestyle but no real savings.


Sub-Saharan Africa

It is extremely difficult to find TEFL jobs in sub-Saharan Africa. Very experienced and qualified EFL teachers may be able to find jobs in US language institutes. For other teachers, the only jobs worth considering are those arranged through aid organizations/programs such as the Peace Corps (for US citizens) and VSO Canada (for Canadians).


The Mid East

Most TEFL jobs currently are in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Jordan. The highest paid jobs are in Saudi, Kuwait and the UAE, where employers provide airfare, housing, and many other benefits. Most teachers in these countries are able to save $1,000+ a month. Jordan is an extremely attractive country, but airfare is usually not paid and significant savings are not possible.

It is virtually impossible to find TEFL jobs in Israel, even if you travel there to look for work.



Turkey is a popular destination because it is a really fascinating country - and it is near so many other fascinating countries!

TEFL Job Tip: Turkey
Although almost all Turks are Moslems, the country is not an Islamic state, and it offers an equally open job market for both men and women. Foreigners can live and travel freely and safely everywhere, except in remote areas in the southeastern part of the country.

There are jobs are in language schools (and some colleges/high schools) throughout the country. However, most people choose to teach in either Istanbul or Izmir. Jobs can be arranged in advance but airfare is rarely paid. Most schools offer short hours (25 per week) and several weeks of paid vacation, and they help teachers to find housing. The Turkish economy is currently experiencing difficulties and most jobs allow only a reasonable lifestyle with no possibility of savings.


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