Some Key TEFL Sources


TEFL Training & Job Market Publications

Teaching English Overseas - A Job Guide For Americans & Canadians by Jeff Mohamed (EI Publications) ISBN: 0-9677062-0-3
This is the most comprehensive TEFL job guide and contains practical advice and information on all aspects of conducting a TEFL job search, as well as contact details for 450 overseas employers.
The ESL Cafe's Dave Sperling calls it "truly the finest job guide available" and says "Don't leave home without it!" For details,
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Teaching English Abroad by S. Griffith (Vacation Work) ISBN: 1 85458 160 0
Although it contains more anecdotes and advertisements than advice, this is still a very good TEFL job guide for British teachers. Unfortunately, much of the information is irrelevant or even misleading to US/Canadian teachers.


Transitions Abroad
Available from most libraries and international newsstands, this magazine often carries articles on the TEFL job market as well as on other topics relating to overseas work, life and travel. The January/February issue each year concentrates on TEFL. For more information, click here


Some Key Web Sites

Dave's ESL Cafe
Run by Dave Sperling, this is the biggest and best website for EFL teachers. The Job Center section contains many useful pages including: Jobs Offered, Korea Jobs Offered, Job Discussion Forum, Job Information Journal and Teacher Training Discussion Forum. Unfortunately, the Job Links page contains very few useful links.


Linguistic Funland
Although it carries fewer job postings than the ESL Cafe, this site is still worth checking regularly.


One Stop English
This site provides a large number of free lesson plans and other materials for practicing teachers.


This UK-based site is another one to check regularly. It publicizes a large number of available jobs, usually including several in Western Europe. Many of the jobs require TEFL certification and virtually all of the positions in Western Europe require possession of an EU passport.


Cambridge University TESOL Training Programs
This site carries the addresses of all Cambridge CELTA centers worldwide, as well as a detailed syllabus of the CELTA program.


The website of the professional association TESOL, this is a good source of useful advice on many aspects of TEFL.


My Travel Guide
This site gives useful background information on just about every country in the world. Entries include brief geographical overviews, currency conversion rates, current weather, etc.


US State Department Information Site
This US government site gives up-to-date information on every country in the world. Entries cover details of visa requirements as well as up-to-date information on crime, accident risks, natural disasters, health warnings, etc.


TEFL Methodology: Introductory Publications

Teach Yourself: Teaching English" by David Riddell (Teach Yourself Books) ISBN: 0-340-78935-2
This new book by one of the best teachers and trainers around provides a very clear, simple and no-nonsense introduction to the practice of TEFL. It will be equally useful to those who are going to teach untrained and those who are planning to take a TEFL/TESL certificate course.


Learning Teaching by J. Scrivener (Heinemann) ISBN: 0 435 24089 7
Although perhaps more suitable for teachers with some TEFL experience, this British publication gives a clear and detailed overview of basic classroom practice.


Teaching English To Children by Scott & Ytreberg (Longman) ISBN: 0 582 74606 X
An excellent practical guide to the teaching of EFL/ESL to younger learners.


The bibliographies contained in the books listed above will lead you to many other useful TEFL/TESL publications.


Grammar Development For Teachers Of EFL/ESL

A Grammar Development Course For American Teachers Of EFL/ESL by Jeff Mohamed (EI Books)
This book is specifically designed to help teachers to improve their formal knowledge of American English grammar and grammatical terminology. Full of clear explanations, useful exercises and detailed commentaries, it also contains practical advice on how to teach grammar items to students at all levels of English. Available only from English International, the book will be equally invaluable to untrained teachers or tutors of EFL/ESL and to those planning to take a TEFL/TESL certificate course.

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About Language by Scott Thornbury (C.U.P.) ISBN: 0 521 42720 7
This is an excellent language development book for experienced teachers who are preparing to take MA TESOL or Cambridge Diploma courses. However, it is too detailed and complex for new teachers or for those preparing to take a CELTA or other TEFL certificate course. Even trained and experienced teachers may find some of the tasks extremely difficult to understand and complete!



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