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Teaching English Overseas: A Job Guide for Americans & Canadians
by Jeff Mohamed
(2010 edition)

This is the new, totally redesigned e-version of the book that has become a key resource for North Americans who want to find an overseas job as an EFL/ESOL teacher. Written by an expert with over 35 years' experience of the TESOL job market, it includes information and advice on:
  • Teaching without training
  • Choosing a TEFL/TESOL training program
  • The current TEFL/TESOL job market
  • How to write an effective TEFL/TESOL résumé
  • How to conduct a successful job search
  • Evaluating job offers and employers
  • Legal, medical & other practical considerations
  • Dealing with culture shock.

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What They Say about this Book

Teaching English Overseas "is truly the finest job guide available for Americans and Canadians interested in teaching English overseas. Don't leave home without it!"
Dave Sperling, founder of The ESL Café

"An invaluable, informative, authoritative and well presented guide. An outstanding presentation."
The Midwest Book Review

"Any Americans or Canadians wishing to teach ESL abroad should definitely give this book a try... Any fears you may have about 'stepping out' into the big world of TEFL/TESL overseas should evaporate reading this. Jeff makes the nerve-racking and complex seem simple."
"Book Worm" (at the "ESL Lounge" website)

"Jeff has worked in all areas of TEFL and he knows the overseas job market like no one else in North America."
Ron Martinez, author of Conversation Lessons

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A Grammar Development Course for Teachers of EFL/ESL
by Jeff Mohamed

Packed with 112 large (8.5" X 11") pages of clear explanations and useful exercises, this self-study course is specially designed to help teachers to improve their practical knowledge of grammar. It enables teachers of EFL/ESL to learn essential grammatical terminology and to become familiar with: major verb tenses; the relationship between tenses, time and function; and a range of key grammatical structures and features (modal auxiliaries, conditionals, reported speech, phrasal verbs, etc.). Each exercise is accompanied by a detailed answer key and commentary. Completion of the exercises requires approximately 25-30 hours.

Designed for everyone who needs to improve his/her knowledge of grammar, the book will be equally invaluable to those who intend to teach without formal TEFL/TESL training and those who plan to take a CELTA or other TEFL/TESL certificate course. It will also be useful for experienced native and non-native speaking teachers who want to improve their practical knowledge of English grammar.

"A Grammar Development Course for Teachers of EFL/ESL" is available only from English International. To reduce its environmental impact, the book is now published only in pdf form. It can be sent to you by email.

"For developing your own grammatical awareness and knowledge of terminology Jeff Mohamed's 'Grammar Development Course for Teachers of EFL/ESL' is excellent. I made it required pre-course reading on the CELTA courses I ran last year and the majority of candidates found it extremely useful."
Dominic Braham, Berlin School of English (posted on Dave's ESL Cafe)

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The only way to buy this e-book is direct from English International.

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