Top Apps to Help You Learn the English Language Faster

Are you an ESL student or simply trying to learn the English language on your terms? Are you using a smartphone or tablet to download apps? 

If so, that’s great! 

With the new latest technology, you can learn the English language on the go no matter where you are. With mobile apps for learning the English language, learning the language will seem almost like a game! You won’t have to deal with anymore tedious grammar repetition and vocabulary exercises. 

Here are the top apps to help you learn the English language faster. 

Rosetta Stone

– Free demo
Before the app craze, there was Rosetta Stone. This is considered to be the most famous form of learning various languages at home. It has a unique way of teaching compared to many others. Usually, the English app shows you various styles with descriptive details in your mother tongue. But in Rosetta Stone, the app will teach you English with English. 

The exercises are designed to guide you in learning the basic words before you start forming phrases and sentences. You will also gain visual elements to understand the phrase. Using Rosetta Stone will teach you an entirely new words and phrases in English without the use of translating from your language. 


– $4.99
The app is known for its simple interface that is easy to use. You can expand your vocabulary with the SAT vocabulary apps, but in a fun way. Instead of studying endless word lists, you can enjoy games to learn new English words. There are games inside the app that are created to help you master the English words in certain ways. 


– free version
This unique app uses real videos like commercials, music videos, news, and conversations and transforms them into learning experiences. FluentU gives users an exciting approach to teaching that will help you ease into the language over time. The app has a variety of videos on topics that range from popular shows, funny commercials, music videos and more. 

You will dip your toes with all the vocabulary in videos with quizzes as well as swipe for more examples of the words you hear. 


– Free
Memrise is another app that focuses on the phrase. While it doesn’t help you learn through games, there are funny ways to help you remember the words and what they mean. 

Memrise is designed by users, which means you can see how other English learners learned the same words you’re learning yourself. You can also keep track of your progress and go back to any words you might have forgotten. This app is an excellent and efficient way of learning English. 

Open Language

– $30 monthly
Open Language provides a variety of sections to learning all levels of English. For every level you progress, you will find different courses for different uses. You can study the Business language that is used for presentations or daily English for conversational skills. As far as price goes, you get what you pay for as the app is well organized. 


– Free
With this app, you can learn the English language as well as other languages such as French, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian and Spanish. The app is designed to promote learning English fast just by spending twenty minutes a day on the app. Each lesson will teach you seven new words based on the given topic like adjectives, science, school, and education. There will also be the expected exercises for each lesson. You will have to match words with pictures and translate the English phrase. 

For such a small app, you can easily finish the lessons before three months just be spending about twenty minutes a day on it. 

Babbel – Learn Languages

– Free
Babbel is a great app that helps you learn the vocabulary and understand the language by completing phrases. There are four approaches to the app that includes the sound and image recognition, spelling, and activities that include fill in the blanks. The app focuses their method of teaching on the quality of learning rather than the quantity of the lessons. 

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to learn the English language that won’t cost you a fortune. These apps are highly recommended as each app plays on their own set of strengths to help you find what you need. 

Got any favorite English learning apps that you use? How has it helped you? Comment below and let us know! 


8 Reasons Why Learning English is Important

Let’s face it – English is not an easy language to learn.

In today’s modern, globalized society, knowing how to speak English has become a crucial skill to have. For those who grew up in countries where English was scarce, they know that speaking English can open up more doors. English may not be the most spoken language in the world, but it is the official language in many countries.

While learning English can be a change for many as well as consume a lot of time, there are many benefits to learning the language. The spelling is nearly irregular as there are more exceptions between speaking with Americans versus the British. Most of the world’s top films, music, and books are produced and published in English. Therefore, learning English will give you access to a greater variety of entertainment. So, is learning English imperative for your career?

Here are eight reasons why learning English is important.

English is the second most-spoken language in the entire world

While Chinese Mandarin is the first, the English language has become more of a global impact as the majority of people who speak Mandarin are in China or America. However, these days English is the default language that people use from different countries to meet. In places like India, the population speaks over 750 different languages, but English is the primary language that brings people together.

While China is still the first, the United States is still the leader in economic development and technical innovation. This makes English useful in each of these fields.

English is the global language of business and education

As English is the dominant business language, it has become a necessity for people to know how to communicate in English if they plan to enter the global workforce. If you are interested in studying or working in one of the top organizations in the world, the chances are that English will be a requirement.

The English language has become the language of business all over the world. So, this means that most companies require some level of English comprehension and knowledge of the language. When the Chinese do business in Brazil, the negotiations are in English. The same goes for Egypt with Morocco, and everyone else involved with international trading.

English is the government language

The UN uses both English and French as their official languages when discussing policies. With the massive influence all over the world, the United States are the key global players that must not be overlooked. These countries use English to communicate their government policies to the rest of the world.

More than other of the websites in the world is written in conversational English

While the exact statistics are hard to translate, there is an estimate of 10 million websites in the world. More than 50% of them are written in English. English is the primary language of the internet. If you enjoy going to the movies, most of the world’s films are produced in English. Understanding the dialogue without the subtitles can make the experience double the enjoyment. Additionally, learning the English language through music and cinema are great ways to practice your listening comprehension skills.

Learn and live in a new country

English is the official language of nearly 53 countries in the world. One of the most common reasons why students study abroad to learn English is that many schools offer the chance to live in a country that speaks English. This allows you to gain a personal knowledge and experience the language. It is also the most efficient and faster method for learning any foreign language. The language acquisition is about more than simply studying the vocabulary list.

Plenty of programs to study English

Since English is spoken is many countries in the world, there are nearly hundreds of thousands of schools that offer programs in English. You will find plenty of opportunities to find an appropriate school that will suit your academic needs.

Perfect language when traveling

If you often travel, or at least have plans to, you will notice that the locals often speak the local language first and English second. No matter where you come from, there will be a high chance that the locals will also understand some level of English. In fact, most tourists will be able to help somewhat in English.

English is fun!

Learning English will allow you to open doors to more opportunities and learn about other cultures! As you learn, you will experience more cultures and grow as a person in determining the values, way of life, as well as habits that may be different from yours.

Are you planning to learn more about the English language or teach English abroad? Comment below and share your story with us!